Seattle is synonymous with coffee. You’d be hard-pressed to find a place in the world that takes its beans and grinders and fancy silver machines more seriously. So it’s nice that coffee has finally met its match in the Emerald City. Because if there’s one thing Seattle-lites take just as seriously as their coffee, it’s their weed.

It was only a matter of time until they got together. More officially, that is.

Welcome to Cannabis and Coffee, a monthly event at the Trichome, a funky little street-gear store selling hats, backpacks and tees in the International District. They’ve been hosting the event since late last spring and it’s growing like mad.

“The first event we had like four people show up,” events coordinator Gwen McKenzie tells me. “But The Stranger did a story on us last month and it’s really picked up since then.”

Indeed. The room was pretty much standing room only by the time I got there. The wait time? Almost excruciating. (However I did overhear this gem while waiting: “I’ve never had a threesome that was set up be as much fun as one that just happened.”) This is a slow pour like you’ve never seen, but well worth it. Each ticket holder gets an equal show, which is something that almost never happens. They even had an Ethiopian mix of music to match the Ethiopian beans.

The gentlemen at the pour stations, David and John, walk each person through their slow cannabis coffee experience, from boiling the water fresh to make sure it’s hot enough, to adding the butter, the cannabis (this time, aptly called “Girl Scout Cookies”) and slow-pouring it over the grinds to bring you one delectably smooth beverage. And it is delicious.

Admittedly, I hadn’t eaten for a bit so I had about half the brew. Within two hours of consuming it, I was buzzed in a good way.

David, the creator of the coffee and cannabis idea dubbed “Elevated Coffee,” spoons out my coffee.

Adding the butter to the mix.

Now it’s time for the slow pour.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes, but it looks and smells so good.

All finished. David gives you the coffee straight up to sample, then with the butter/cannabis. I’m a coffee snob and it was truly delish.

Here’s the store. It’s a great space, light and airy, clean with wood accents.

On the street, ready to go. Cannabis in my cup, making mass transit vaguely tolerable.

Trichome hosts several cannabis events throughout the year. This Friday, Oct. 17, they have an event called Top Coat, just for the ladies. Get your nails done and get a free dab!

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