Congrats on selecting Denver, the weed mecca of America, for all your vacation needs. Weed is all grown up in Denver with recreational shops offering top-quality buds and an insane selection of edibles and drinkables. Brownies, cupcakes, sparkling beverages and gummy treats all give new meaning to “kid in a candy shop.”

Entertainment options overflow in Denver: legendary concerts at Red Rocks, the Museum of Contemporary Art, art walks, brewery tours and more outdoor activities than you can possibly pack into a weekend. And you can take them all up a stoney notch with legal cannabis.

Here’s how the pot-loving travelers do it.

Get the WeedMaps App

Seriously. Even the locals recommend it. Reviews, maps, directions, basically everything you need to know to guide you to recreational bliss.

Hit up the ATM

Not all dispensaries are cash only but many are. It’s super-awkward to have all your first batch of treats lined up and not have the cash to pay for them. Don’t be that girl.

Give in to Novelty

While many recreational shops carry similar strains and edibles, the atmospheres vary considerably. The experience of buying legal pot, visiting different stores and mingling with other customers is a fabulous novelty for us Americans. So pick three to five stores within a five-mileish radius of your accommodation. Buy a single gram (~$20) at each shop. Try to find a strain that makes you giggle, another that relieves stress, and yet another that helps you sleep. Think of it as a weed scavenger hunt.

Ask Questions

A budtender is assigned to you from the moment you enter. Their presence is similar to police-state minders except these friendly minders are incredibly knowledgeable and eager to tell you about all the delicious stoney products you can legally buy.

Don’t Eat All the Things

Yeah, yeah we know back in college you took bong rips and ate pot brownies for breakfast and made it through the day on a smokey cloud of smiles and good vibes. But Colorado edibles and drinkables are no fucking joke. I asked my budtender about the chilled Dixie Elixirs, a THC-infused beverage that comes in refreshing flavors like sparkling pomegranate or mandarin. She put the kibosh on my purchase by informing me that I should only drink a quarter of it for maximum effect. Had I not asked, I would have downed the entire thing post-bike ride in the summer heat. Don’t be shy about asking about dosage and effects on what you buy.

Find a Spot to Smoke

Contrary to popular fantasy, Colorado is no Amsterdam. There are no public coffeeshops where you can enjoy a lazy toke with a hot beverage. ‘Merika loves its rules and the rules currently state no smoking weed in public. Private clubs are starting to pop up, but for now you need to find a private place to smoke. Start by staying at a 420-friendly hotel. Or just buy gummy treats, which are consumable anywhere.

Grab a Bike

Driving while high is not fucking smart. Go by bike. Denver has user-friendly, affordable bike-share program that’ll make your outdoor-loving heart swoon. And they’ve got more than 850 miles of trails (including a High Line Canal trail!). Pop a lemon drop and lazy-bike it out!

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