Kush Tourism started operating green tours in March. We grabbed a spot for their second-ever tour on April 6. The “Cooking, Glass and Hash” ticket included a full day’s worth of behind-the-scenes cannabis-related activities, including a quick lesson in glass-blowing, visit to a glass shop, an herbal remedies coffeehouse and a cooking class.

We had no idea what to expect, but let’s just say we were more than pleasantly surprised. Co-founders Michael Gordon and Chase Nobles greeted us at the door, as they say, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Throughout the tour, they were genuinely enthusiastic, super-knowledgeable about all the stops, delightfully engaged with guests, and even helped serve and pour some sparkling water at the cooking class.

While the tours are fairly new, our crew included a Seattle Times photog, Nana’s Secret soda-making lady Nana herself, and a father and son who are working on opening a bud ‘n’ breakfast. The tour also included what will hopefully become a much larger part of the future of Washington state tourism. Zoe from New Hampshire planned a month-long excursion to Washington based on our legal weed. “I am the quintessential marijuana tourist,” she said. “I’ll be spending April in Seattle. I’m so psyched.”

But Zoe didn’t just come for the cannabis. She chose Washington over Colorado because she wants to visit the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier and go whale watching, too. Apparently, our natural resources are the perfect complement to the green experience. “I’ll be dropping several thousand dollars here,” she happily told me.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Kush tour:

This incredible guitar (yes, it’s a pipe) greets you as you enter 7 Point Studios. It was made by the studio’s owner Nathan Aweida. He just so happened to also kick off our tour.
Nathan at work showing us how to craft some glass.
Kush co-founder Michael Gordon helps Zoe with her glass-making skills.
Next stop: Piece of Mind in the University District. This shop offers thousands of pieces, from vaporizers to elaborate water pipes, at every price point.
This green dragon is one of Piece of Mind’s most stylish pipes. When asked about the prices that can easily run into the thousands for a seriously handcrafted piece, Bones, the shop manager joked, “Sure, some people may think that’s a lot, but there are people who spend hundreds on pool sticks. I don’t like pool that much.”
Get in the van. Kush drives you from spot to spot, so you can enjoy the tour.
These incredible smoothies (pot-free) greeted us at Herb’s House in Ballard, an organic cafe offering smoothies, juices and coffee that has a MMJ clinic upstairs for Washington card-carrying members.
After a quick demonstration and info session with a grower, we were given the chance to trim some buds ourselves.
At Herb’s House, the Reverend Jeff shows us some of the potions and extracts he’s working on. The breakdown for each is simply amazing: part biology, part chemistry and a whole lot of imagination go into making these products.
Cooking class leader Mary White walks us through the perfect way to make butter.
Mixing up some lemon bars…
The final result. Mary didn’t let us out the door without some of her awesome recipes.

Curious about going on your own Kush tour? Check their calendar for upcoming dates.

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