It used to be hitting the road and trying to find a friendly place to unwind with a smoke left you with only a couple options: camping and skeezy motels. But seriously, what better way to celebrate and relax after a day of adventuring than with some tasty cannabis?

Travel and cannabis go together like PB and J, Hall and Oates, and Thanksgiving and your crazy drunk aunt—one just doesn’t seem right without the other. Now, because of Airbnb, you no longer have to stay in motels with questionable comforters (seriously, never, ever sit/touch/lounge on those things) and even more questionable continental breakfasts. With its substantial list of 420-friendly rentals, Airbnb just got even better.

Here are the best of the bunch:

You Say Penthouse, I Say Villa

Aspen, Colo.

I’ve never been to Aspen, but I’m pretty sure this property is exactly what it looks like. This two-story Airbnb sleeps four and has room for plenty more. With soaring ceilings, skylights, a porch and wide-open floor plan, this is the place for cozy giggle fits. Bring your closest girls, but make sure one is a chef so she can take advantage of that kitchen. Eat, toke, giggle and be merry. Then pass out next to the giant fireplace.

Take Me to Funkytown


This place was made for the cannabis-loving ladies. With funky decorating that includes a vintage ashtray collection, you can be sure you’ll be visually entertained. Add to that a set of 120-color crayons, card games (one called Weed!) and a journal to record your stoney thoughts. The owner’s even got a little library of her favorite books encouraging you to leave the Kindle at home. And if that doesn’t convince you, she promises, “You’ll also find a pot-infused chocolate mint on your pillow.” Book this now.

Trailer Parks on a Farm

Salida, Colo.

These guys won me over with goats and cheese-making. Seriously, ever since I saw this video of a woman getting smothered in baby goat love, I’ve been all about goats. Here you can escape the urban world, stay in a retro trailer park, find your own goat pile and watch tremendous sunsets over the mountains in a 420-friendly environment. Fucking dreamy.

You Had Me at Hot Tub On a Private Deck

Olympia, Wash.

Who cares what the rest of this house offers, there’s a hot tub on a private deck! With the unpredictable rainy Pacific Northwest climate, a hot tub at your disposal makes even the soggiest of travel days end on a positive note. Toke and soak.

I’m Here for the Cannabis Goodie Bag

Silverthorne, Colo.

The place looks a touch like the Ramada Inn, but you don’t go for the the interior decoration. You book here for the promise of a pot goodie bag, epic views and total affordability. Until budget hotels start promising pot goodie bags, this is the place to stay.

A Swearing Parrot and Pet-friendly

Monroe, Wash.

Animal lovers need look no further than this sweet retreat just outside Seattle that promises “privacy, mountains, fun and 420.” Just off the scenic Cascade Loop highway, it’s close to lots of awesome nature and hikes and tons of animals. The farm boasts two dogs, a swearing parrot, donkey and horse. Gay and lesbian-friendly, there’s also a hot tub to boot.

Ski Bunny Bachelorette Party

Breckenridge, Colo.

In case “sleeps 14” didn’t clarify it, this listing helpfully reminds us that it “sleeps an army” with an “abundance of elbow room.” This means one thing: bachelorette party. Stock up on edibles and bring your rowdiest girls. With two living spaces on separate floors, it’s easy to ditch any friends who ingest too much/get weepy about “always a bridesmaid”/bring home a ski bro/hate fun. So get stoney and celebrate the shit out of love. Just make sure your weekend theme is ’90s ski attire.

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