Weed and musicians. Two great things that go great together. However, one artist has brought that pairing to a higher level (pun, totally intended).

Addey Lane, a Los Angeles-based singer, has been generating a buzz on the inter-webs of late with her pro-cannabis legalization music video “All for One.” The song was named the Official 2014 Cannabis Anthem Song for the Cannabis World Movement by HEMPCON 2014. On a side note, Addey is also a member of the Armed Forces Entertainment family and tours the world performing for U.S. troops, something that is near and dear to her as her father is a Vietnam vet.

I recently caught up with Addey and chatted with her about the inspiration behind “All for One” and her thoughts on legalization.

What inspired you to write a pro-cannabis song?

The inspiration for “All for One” actually came from my father, a pro-cannabis supporter and Vietnam vet. One day we were sitting around talking about the legalization issue and his passion for it inspired me to look further into the topic. The more I learned, the more upset I got.

“All for One” is my interpretation of and emotional reaction to the history of smear campaigns and prejudice against such an amazing natural gift. It really angers me that all of the negativity surrounding cannabis stems from the lies and greed of a few not-so-nice people, keeping the majority of people ignorant and in the dark.

What do you hope people take away with them after hearing your song?

My hope for “All for One” is that it helps build awareness for those who wouldn’t normally pay attention to the cannabis issue. To those people who automatically say “marijuana is a drug and drugs are bad” because of what their parents taught them or what they learned in school.

“All for One” is a non-offensive pop song that people outside of the cannabis community wouldn’t initially reject. They can like the song without automatically shutting it down. Once they like it, discovering that it is a pro-cannabis song might inspire them to dig a little deeper into the issue, allowing them to form their own thoughts and opinions. At least, that’s what would make me the happiest.

What has the response been like?

The response has blown me away. The love and support I have received from both the cannabis industry and communities has been overwhelming. I am so thankful for that and could not be more grateful. It really has been amazing.

Why do you think legalization is so important?

I think that people should have the right to choose.

What are some misconceptions people have about weed especially when it comes to musicians?

I think the misconceptions are pretty standard when it comes to marijuana, no matter who you are. However, as a rule, people tend to see musicians as party people and drugs are always a part of that misconception. What people don’t see is that marijuana is not just a drug. It is so much more than that. That is what I’m hoping to change with “All for One.” I’m trying to bring awareness to that fact.

What are you working on next?

I’m about to go back in the studio to record my next single, which is also a pro-cannabis song. It has more to do with cannabidiol (CBD) and how keeping that medicine away from the people who need it, including children, is harming them.

Can you tell us what you’re working on next?

Right now I’m focusing on getting back into the studio. Then we’ll be shooting the music video for that song soon after that. We just shot the music video for a cover song that I’ll soon be releasing on YouTube while we work on the next single.

After that, I’m looking forward to a short European tour in March and April of 2015 with a summer festival tour following. You can find all of my show dates on my website, addeylane.com.

Check out Addey’s video, and let us know what you think in the comments below.