In light of the announcement that Seattle-based Privateer Holdings has plans to go global with its Bob Marley-branded weed, it made us think: What other celebs should be getting in on this cannabis craze before everyone and their dogincluding no-name Voice contestants and Mama Junestart hawking weed like Depends undergarments?

We’ve come up with our wish list, our Dream Team, of who we think would totally rock the cannabis market with their own brand. No, we’re not talking anyone obvious, like Snoop’s G-Pen or Wiz Khalifa‘s line of gear, though I’m sure they will become even more entrenched in the weed business as legalization marches on. I’m talking about the small and less obvious, but equally intriguing candidates.

1. Drew Barrymore


Remember this infamous shot of Drew and Cameron Diaz smoking a doobie while on vacation? This is the picture-perfect ideal of the all-gal getaway. Lots of sun, sand, surf, yoga and relaxation… the natural way. This caused quite the stir when it came out, but come on! They look like they are having an awesome time. Drew already has her own line of wines so perhaps a lady-focused cannabis company can’t be far behind? We can only hope.

2. Jennifer Lawrence


Speaking of the ladies, remember that time JLaw partied down with some wine and a joint, right after her badass self won an Oscar? She would make the perfect spokeswoman: Hip, smart, honest and fun. Who wouldn’t want to smoke some Katniss cannabis?

3. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson


They probably already blew you away with their dark, disturbing performances in HBO’s True Detective, but these two should definitely work together more often. And what would be a better side business for them than co-branding some awesome cannabis?

4. Rihanna


Rihanna has unabashedly been in support of the weed from the get-go. Why let all the boys have the fun? Next stop, umbrella-shaped bongs.

5. Kirk Cameron


With an 8 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, former Growing Pains dreamboat turned douche Kirk Cameron has been making headlines lately with his horrible movie Saving Christmas. Kirk, you know what really saves Christmas for the rest of us, meaning all those “haters and atheists” you speak of? A freshly rolled joint, smoked in your parent’s backyard with the designated cool sister- or brother-in-law to escape the awfulness of seemingly endless days with your family. This is a trend you can really jump on, like owning a Cracker Barrel or investing in RadioShack. Think about it: What does every loving family need? That’s right. Now go forth and carry the message to the rest of the conservatives out there holding this shit up.

Who do you want to see endorse and brand their own line of cannabis? Let us know in the comments below.

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