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Cannabis plant cultivation: which is better, cutting corners or seeds?

As Marijuana-related products have been legalized, the market has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The government has seen the potential of these market forces and is supporting it at the root level. The state appoints experts to study the various uses and benefits of these plants, and research is being done on including the benefits in modern medicine. The marijuana culture is so normalized that 18 states in the US have even legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Cannabis cultivation


As the market of Cannabis and marijuana-based products is increasing, people understand the profit this market can give them. Hence people with even the slightest knowledge about Cannabis cultivation are joining this industry in one way or the other. The increasing demand for these products has inspired people to take an interest in Cannabis farming and cultivation. Some have bought lands where they can properly continue with Cannabis crop farming, while others have started with small-scale indoor farming or utilizing the backyard space for in-home cultivation. You can select strains like the banana kush, AK48, or some other popular strains for high profits.

When you are into farming, you would know that there are two ways of having a good crop. It would be best to create a sustainable environment for the crop you are cultivating, and timely care is required so that the yield is good and profits are high. One of the two ways by which the crop can be grown is by cutting; this method is normally obtained by those who have expertise in farming. The other one is growing the crops from seeds; this technique is utilized by beginners in this area.

Benefits of cutting corners

As you know, there are two ways in which Cannabis plants can be cultivated. However, both methods are very good in achieving the results. But there are advantages and disadvantages related to both these methods.

Cutting, for example, is a method that is considered more building and profit giving as you know that the plant you are working on will definitely give a good and healthy output if taken care of properly. If you want good results, you can go for popular strains like the Amnesia Haze or the Blueberry Kush, which can give you the maximum yield.

Here are certain points that you need to remember while using this method.


  • Choose the much bushier tree and produce good results when taken care of. See to it that you use a plant that is already mature enough and has provided a crop once or twice before.
  • See to it that the soil you choose for this tree to grow is rich in nutrients and can help the plant grow into a healthy one. You can start by adding a little soil from the ground where the parent tree is blooming. This way, you can ensure that the cutting gets the proper nutrition required for it to develop roots, and then you can add fertilizers and water to this area and let it adapt to the surrounding soil. 
  • You have to keep in mind that proper and optimum water is required for the stem to grow roots. Ensure that water doesn’t exceed the limit or there is no waterlogging. If the water is flooded on the roots, they will get deprived of air, and the stem can die. 
  • It would help if you also understood which stem is the best to cut and sow in the soil to get a healthy plant out of it. 

Benefits of seeds

You have to make many decisions beforehand once you decide on the cultivation of Cannabis plants. one such major decision is the method to be used for cultivation. Many people think that seeds require much more effort than other methods as they have to cross the germination test. Many also believe that being sure with the quality of plants growing from the seeds is unknown. but very few would see it this way that with seeds, you can understand which plant is healthy right at its germination level. Only when the germinated plants are healthy and look good enough can they be sown into the soil. And about the quality of the plant, this will be good when you choose the seeds from a good seller who has premium high-quality seeds for sale. For example, if you want to buy haze seeds, you have to look for a reliable seller who has a reputation for selling good seeds. 

Here are certain points that you should keep in mind while using seeds.

  • Seeds you buy should be of premium quality and from a reliable seller.
  • Proper placement of plants should be then after germination of seeds. This would provide the space for future growth.
  • Discard the plants that don’t look healthy and are very dull looking as these plants would not give a good output. 


The type of cultivation method depends on the choice of the cultivator. But you should know that both ways have good potential if done properly.

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