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Beginner’s guide on how to grow magic shrooms

Psilocybe mushrooms have existed for more than a Thousand Years but what is more interesting is that human beings have known about them since then. But for years these mushrooms have been listed under the illegal substances in most places, they are not acknowledged much by people all over the world. Even experts have not studied the effects of shrooms deeply to know how well it reacts with different food substances. 

These shrooms have been around for many years and people have been using them, the knowledge that these people have carried on with them for years and passed on to generations has made scientists think about shrooms differently

The illegality has a lot to do with no research being done on this substance but since more and more people are getting the knowledge gained by the users has made them more interested in these magic mushrooms. Even scientists are now thinking of researching this area to know more about the substance and how Medical Science can benefit from it. People have been using different recipes of these mushrooms to cure diseases and give therapeutic relaxations. The knowledge has not been explored much and has remained confined to tribals and peoples who have received this knowledge from their ancestors.

There is much to these magic shrooms than the eyes can see. The benefits of these mushrooms have reached thousands by word of mouth. and the good part is even you can enjoy the benefits of these shrooms if you want. You just have to work around the natural habitat of these mushrooms. If you live in a region where these mushrooms grow naturally then you are in luck. 

Where do they grow?


You might be surprised to know that these mushrooms grow much closer to you than you think. Some species are found abundantly in Europe and North America. Different species grow abundantly in different types of habitats. There are species like Psilocybe semilanceata, which can grow in comparatively less hot areas while there are species like Psilocybe cubensis which Require tropical climates to grow properly. Certain species grow abundantly on grasslands and open fields. The basic requirement of a mushroom to grow properly is an adequate amount of nutrients and moisture availability. 

If you are on a Lookout for these mushrooms you should specifically know what areas are suitable for their growth. But to generalize the area in which you should look for is forest areas that are dense and are much closer to some water body. it is less likely that you will find mushrooms in meadows. you will have to search the Woods and especially the land that has moisture intact in it.

It is recommended that before you prepare to harvest these mushrooms you should be sure enough about the shrooms. unless you are confident that you have got what you were looking for or do not harvest them. You have to be very careful while consuming these mushrooms because one small mistake in identifying the correct mushroom can lead to lethal reactions.

How to grow magic shrooms?

If you want to have a continuous supply of these mushrooms then it is a good idea that you grow them at your home. This can also save you the time you invest in searching, identifying, and harvesting the mushrooms from forests or different areas. Once you know that you have got the right mushroom and the identification is true you can start growing them in your home.

Growing them at home is comparatively easy and very little effort is required. When you are working towards growing these mushrooms at home you have to deal with a lot of patience. You should also make sure that the place you choose for these mushrooms is clean and hygienic. The equipment that you need for growing these mushrooms is also very easy to find. If you are a gardener then you might even have this equipment with you at home.

The only equipment that you would find a bit tough to find is a spore syringe. You should make sure that the equipment you choose to buy is of good quality and from a reputable brand. You don’t choose a good brand for your spore, you can get misidentified strains, You can get spores that are contaminated. You can also get cheated by just getting some water in the syringe.

How to make magic mushroom kits at home?

  • The first step is to prepare the jar. You have to use a disinfectant on the nail and a hammer to cleanse it. This equipment is used for punching holes on four corners of the lid of the jar 
  • The next step in this process is preparing a substrate.
  • Add 66% of vermiculite to quarter cup water In one bowl or jar and mix them.
  • You should make sure that every piece of equipment is disinfected hence the strainer should also be hygienic. Now strain the excess fluid from the mix.
  • You have to add a quarter cup of brown rice flour in each jar and combine the mix.
  • The next step is feeling the jars with these mixes.
  • See to it that there is a little bit of space above the substrate, it should only cover 90% of the jar there should be a 10% gap between the substrate and the rim.
  • Screw the jar tightly after sterilizing the cap.
  • For the next step of sterilization, cover the jar with a foil and see to no moisture enters the jar, and then steam it for about 90 minutes. 
  • The next step is preparing Spore syringes. You should remove the foil from the jar and the holes that were made earlier should be used for the syringes. Insert them as far inside as possible. 


 As you see here it is very easy to grow magic mushrooms at home once you know how the whole thing works. You can also make homemade kits for selling these magic mushrooms. you should just understand the technique of packaging thoroughly. It is a very simple way of relaxing with ingredients you grow at home. 

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