Traveling while a little stoned is a great way to make your trip a bit more, well, trippy. The sights are extra sightly. Colors are brighter. And fellow tourists are somewhat tolerable. So with that in mind I compiled my bucket list of the top five places around the world to get high. Amsterdam, by the way, did not make my list. I’ll leave that one to American frat boys on their year abroad.

Baku, Azerbaijan

The capital city in Azerbaijan has Flame Towers, people. Flame Towers! I mean how perfect is that? Plus, you can stay in one of the flames. The Fairmont Baku is part of the Flame Tower complex, so you can actually be in the flame while you flame up. Mind blown. Also, Azerbaijan is one of the best and largest cannabis suppliers in the world. If you’re so inclined, check out the country’s second largest city named, wait for it: Ganja.

Spark up in the Flames.

Portland, Maine

No, not the one filled with hipsters, urban chicken keepers and goats. The other one. In Maine. Normally I’m not a huge fan of New England, but Portland, Maine, is a cool little place. It’s by the water. It has great lobster rolls. And what it’s got over that other Portland are seasons, most importantly, fall. Ever experience fall in New England? If the trees create this much psychedelic kaleidoscope of autumnal prettiness when you’re stone-cold sober forget about it when you’re stoned. Also, nothing beats the munchies better than freshly made apple-cider donuts.

Leaf peeping is better when high.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Mah-Chew-Pee-Chew. It’s so much fun to say. I could say it for hours. Mah-Chew-Pee-Chew. It’s also pretty goddam awesome. The Incas were no joke. Their “lost” city is an ubercool archeological site and still manages to be completely awesome even with the hordes of tourists winding their way through. Added bonus points: possession is decriminalized in Peru.

The Incas knew their stuff.

Olympic National Park, Washington

Not only does this national park in Washington State have three distinct ecosystems, but it also has the Quinault Rain Forest. Yup, a rain forest. Imagine just staring up at those giant Sitka spruce trees and feeling like the tiniest speck on earth. Lots of sites to camp out, and lots of mountains and water to take in. Just be careful not to go too far astray as the park does have its fair share of cougars and black bears. You don’t want to end being something else’s snack.

Camping and cannabis go together like Oreos and milk.


I like the bright lights of a big city. There is just so much neon to see in Tokyo at night. So many magnificently mismatched buildings. Plus, the city is so wonderfully quirky. This is a place with an incredibly expensive Robot Restaurant (which is the stuff of my nightmares especially in an altered state), and such fetish fare as maid-, prison- and vampire-themed restaurants. Throw in a little stoned karaoke, and you’ve got yourself a full night. Great side trip: Yoro Park‘s Site of Reversible Density in Gifu. Now that’s a stoner paradise if there ever was one.

Tokyo is filled with the kitschy and the trippy.

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